How to Attach Garden Hose to Hose Reels: A Useful Guide

A garden hose can be every gardener’s nightmare. For how seemingly simple this piece of equipment looks, it can give you a lot of problems. 

You’ll find that the use of the garden hose and reel is usually the crux of some of these problems.

When you set up the hose reel the right way, which you’ll find very easy to do, and position it using the correct techniques, though, you should be able to cut down on those gardening issues considerably. 

Your approach to how to attach garden hose to hose reels, for instance, can determine how clean, organized, and appealing your garden turns out.

How to Attach Garden Hose to Hose Reels

The first step to making your garden look more elegant is to purchase a high-quality hose reel. There are quite a few available on the market that should meet your needs and preferences. 

Some of the more popular ones include movable hose reels that have wheels and ones you can affix to the side or stucco.

Now, here are some effective ideas for setting up and installing your hose reel. 

Whether you’ve followed these steps before or not, make sure to proceed carefully. 

By doing so, you can keep your hose from noosing or cracking from dryness or the sun’s intense heat.

Setting Up

Before setting the hose reel on the ground right next to a faucet or any other water source, check if you actually bought the right one. 

If it’s a model that’s virtually leak-proof and boasts an aluminum water system, then pat yourself on the back because you’ve made an excellent choice.

If you have movable reels, simply screw in the garden hose to the reel

Then, attach the leader hose to the hose faucet.

Items Needed

You would need the following items:

  • Hose connector
  • Starter kit
  • Premium flex hose


Here are the steps to follow:

Step #1: Attach the Hose to the Reel

Attach the garden hose to the hose reel and make sure the connection points at the tap, from the tap, at the spray end, and the side of the reel are all secure. 

The starter kit should then be connected at the tap from the leader hose to the spray end of the hose.

Step #2: Install the Connector

Join the outside of the reel and the additional tap connector together. 

After this, install the connector to the opposite end of the leader hose.

Step 3: Place a Rubber Washer

After you’ve worked out the male and female fittings, place the rubber washer into the bottom of the hose attachment on the female connector’s end so that the drum of the hose reel has a watertight fitting.

In case you’re having trouble working out which is the female connector, it’s generally the one horizontal to the ground.

Step #4: Thread a Screw

Thread a screw to one end of the female connector located on the inner drum of the hose reel. 

Make sure to tighten it up well. 

Then, attach the other end of the hose to the faucet. 

While you also need to ensure this is tight enough, be careful not to place too much pressure on it since it’s plastic.

Step #5: Connect the Fittings to the Reel Drum

Connect the water connector’s female and male fittings to the reel drum. 

Then, spin the hose around the drum properly, making sure to feed it back and forth across the drum in such a way that the coils end up distributed evenly.

Step #6: Switch It On

An electrical hose reel is far easier to set up. If you happen to be using this kind of hose reel, then simply switch it on, and you’re done. 

It would help if you make sure there are enough plots on the hose reel for the entire hose.

Installing the Hose Reel

Now that you’re done setting up, it’s time to install the hose reel.

Items Needed

Before you can install a hose reel, make sure you have the following:

  • Pair of pliers
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver set
how to attach garden hose to hose reel


Here are the things you need to do:

Step #1: Choose the Best Spot

Find where best to place the mount. You can mount the reel on a wall, ceiling, or floor near your garden. 

Make sure to choose a reel ideal for the spot or area you’re mounting it on; otherwise, it may not be as effective. 

There are plastic reels and metal ones, with the latter generally being more reliable and comfortable.

Step #2: Install the Mounting Bracket

Choose a good spot to install the mounting bracket. 

Since hose reels typically aren’t too long, make sure to affix them close to the faucet.

Getting them at just the right height is important, as well. 

Don’t mount them so low on a wall that you can’t even spot them or too high that they’re difficult to reach.

Step #3: Mount

Next, mount the hose reel on the bracket. Then, double-check to make sure it has just the right elevation. 

Mounting brackets are generally affixed to a wall, allowing the reel to be fixed centrally.

Step #4: Align

Work out where the center of the mounting hole is and then align the carriage block with the hose’s centerline. 

Step #5: Install

Install the hose into the restraint. To do this, you simply need to press and twist the hose. 

Step #6: Stabilize and Tighten

Stabilize the reel and turn the drum clockwise until it tightens up. 

You should then confirm that the drum has a latched position. 

Step #7: Install

To install the hose on the reel, wind it around the reel. 

Slowly spin the reel counterclockwise if you’re working from the left side and clockwise if you’re working from the right.

Pre-winding a hose reel is a safe, convenient, and effective way to deploy a garden hose.

Step #8: Mount

When mounting the hose connection terminal, make sure to install a clamp locating tab right between the first and second segments.

Step #9: Connect

When connecting a truck hose, you just need to install the male and female connectors.

Step #10: Inspect

Now, this is a really important part. 

Once you’re done with the installation, check for leaks and rust; make sure to do this every so often for maintenance.

If you happen to find any, take care of them using rubber grommets. 

For rust issues, you can have the affected areas cleaned and painted.

Final Thoughts

You’ve just gone over a really effective guide on setting up and installing a hose reel, which includes helpful steps on how to attach garden hose to hose reels. 

Implementing these procedures help to ensure that the job is done properly and efficiently.

The issues revolving around the garden hose and reel’s usage is where a lot of gardening problems can stem from, so make sure to address them accordingly at all times. 

That means following the right set-up and installation processes and purchasing premium-grade products made of durable materials that ensure a more efficient and longer-lasting system.

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