How to Fix Leaky Garden Hose Reels: Leak Problems 101

If you didn’t do a good job picking a hose reel, then expect your next course of action to be doing repairs. 

While a low-quality hose reel might give you a few more problems than a premium one, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it last longer using some excellent repair techniques.

When your hose reel starts to leak, the first thing you should do is purchase a hose kit; that is, if you know how to fix leaky garden hose reel. 

For broken parts, get them replaced with new or functional ones. 

If a reel is simply too old and can’t really go through any more repairs and replacements, then purchase a new one.

How to Fix Leaky Garden Hose Reels

Now, it’s important to note that you might not just be dealing with leaks in your hose reel

Sometimes, you encounter other repair issues, like broken parts and busted connectors. 

While this should be all in a day’s work for the quintessential gardener and repair person or someone who’s mastered our guide, it’s something you want to avoid doing as much as possible.

A useful technique for avoiding any kind of repair is to purchase a high-quality garden hose reel

Not only are these models designed to be sturdier and more convenient, but they’re also key to gardening success.

A high-quality hose reel doesn’t automatically mean, though, that you’re free of leak problems. 

Even though it might not leak anywhere near the number of times or in the number of parts as a low-quality option, the fact is that it can still leak.

Items Needed

  • New washers
  • Silicone tape
  • Wrench


Here’s what you do to fix that leak:

Step #1: Find the Leak

Determine where the leak is coming from. Sometimes when the hose is coiled tightly around the reel, you won’t immediately notice if there’s a leak and, if you do, you can’t really tell where it’s coming from. 

Could it be a leak? Could it be perhaps that your reel just got wet?

Do what you need to do find out the source of the leaking. 

Check the connectors, uncoil the hose (maybe it’s the hose leaking), and look closely at all the reel’s parts so you can determine where the leak is coming from and if it’s even coming from the reel in the first place.

Once you’ve established that the leak is coming from the reel, then you’re good to go with step two. 

Step #2: Put Tape Around Connectors

Leaking almost always has to do with faulty connectors. 

You shouldn’t have too much trouble fixing these parts using a self-fusing silicone tape. 

Just wind the tape around the leaky connector, and you’re all done.

how to fix leaky garden hose reel

Step #3: Replace the Washer

At times, the washer could be the culprit. 

Washers are not the most durable parts of the hose reel and can easily get damaged from continuous usage. 

They’re also very cheap and easy to replace.

If you’re shopping for a washer, get the rubber ones since they’re known to be the best and longest-lasting types of washers on the market. 

Furthermore, washers are universal, which means you can use them on any kind of hose.

Step #4: Tighten the Fittings

Leaks can also result from loose connectors. 

If that’s the case, all you really need to do is tighten up those fittings. 

You should notice the leak dissipating after you take this course of action.

When you have a garden hose kit, fixing leaky garden hose reels shouldn’t be too stressful. 

This problem doesn’t have to take up too much time or take too much out of you. 

It should be simple enough to address and easy to solve. 

How to Prevent Leaks

We’ve covered how to fix leaky garden hose reels, but wouldn’t it be better if they never leaked at all? 

We’ve yet to encounter a situation where the cure was better than prevention. 

In most cases, that hardly ever is the case, so we emphasize that if your garden hose reel hasn’t begun to leak yet, then you must do what you can to keep it from leaking. It isn’t that hard, either.

Coat the Washers

You just have to coat those washers with silicone grease before installing them. 

The best time to do this is when you’re still setting up your brand new hose reel. 

In that way, you really get to reinforce those washers with the strength and durability that keeps them from being the source of those frustrating and wasteful leaks.

Thread Ends Carefully

Take extra care when threading the end of that metal hose onto a plastic one. 

When the threads aren’t aligned properly, the metal threads can gouge into the plastic material and cause a leak.

Prepare for the Winter

Then, you also want to drain the water from the hose reel completely before that first hard freeze of the winter season. 

Frozen water can expand easily and crack those fittings or even rupture the hose.

Getting in Touch With the Manufacturer

If you don’t have the time to learn how to fix leaky garden hose reels, then get in touch with the manufacturer and have them solve the problem for you. 

The problem with opting to seek help from manufacturers is that they will not be available all the time. 

It might not be a good idea to put off your gardening while waiting for these guys to arrive and fix the hose reel.

Again, you can address the issue easily when you purchase a premium-grade hose reel from a reputable company. 

There are brands out there that offer excellent warranties that can handle all types of repairs for you without any delays or issues.

A Helpful Video on Leaky Garden Hose Reels

Final Thoughts

Leak problems are inevitable whether you own a low-quality garden hose reel or a high-quality one. 

When these issues occur, you can’t regularly rely on the manufacturer or an experienced handy-person to take care of them for you. 

It would help if you always were prepared with the best course of action, which requires learning how to address and fix the issue yourself.

Fixing a leaky garden hose reel is relatively easy. 

Anyone should be able to do it using a few proven techniques that involve identifying the leak source, using the right products for repairs, and being very careful and thorough when going about the entire process.

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