The Best Garden Hose on the Market

The single best garden hose on the market

This article is for people who don’t have specific needs or preferences in a garden hose and just want a quick, trustworthy answer to the following question: What is the single best garden hose on the market? Are you looking for a standard, high quality, long lasting, not too expensive garden hose for typical household … Read more

Are Soaker Hoses Good for Gardens: The Truth About Soaker Hoses

are soaker hoses good for gardens

If you’ve begun researching the types of garden equipment for your property, you might have discovered there are mixed theories about what is the best way to automate the process of watering your garden.   Some love to water by hand, others swear by drip irrigation, and some love soaker hoses. With so much information out … Read more

How to Remove a Metal Hose Connecter From a Tap or Spigot

how to remove garden hose connector

If you’re researching how to remove garden hose connectors, you’re likely dealing with a hose stuck to a spigot.  It’s also common to have a spray nozzle that’s stuck to the opposite end of the hose.  Or maybe you can’t remove your garden hose from a pressure washer. This issue is by far one of … Read more