Expandable Garden Hose Reel? The Best Ways to Store Expandable Water Hoses

Are you trying to find an expandable garden hose reel?  You may be out of luck.  At least for now.   That’s because here’s a challenge in storing expandable garden hoses on a reel.  A reel would prevent them from shrinking down to their intended at rest, drained of water size.  Wrapped up around a reel, the hose will stretch out, eventually heeding its ability to shrink down to a manageable size and impede its useful life.

Therefor, the best way to store an expandable garden hose is in a cool, dry location and drained of water.  Ideally it should be stored indoors. If that’s not possible, in a garden hose container that keeps it out of direct sunlight. 

What Are Expandable Water Hoses?

Unlike standard garden hoses, expandable water hoses contain an inner expandable tube with an outer fabric webbing that enable them to expand.

The technology was invented by Michael Berardi in 2012 and has since generated hundreds of millions in revenue since its invention.   

Expandable garden hose users love their lightweight and space saving qualities.   They also complain that they are not as durable as standard garden hoses made from rubber or vinyl.  More on that later…


What Are Expandable Garden Hoses Made out of?

Knowing what expandable water hoses are made from gives us some insight into how to store them.

Expandable garden hoses contain a nylon or polyester exterior. Therefore, they need to be stored differently than a standard garden made from more durable material such as vinyl or rubber.

  The fabric exterior can’t hold up to weather the same way rubber or vinyl can.  Although you can ensure the highest durability by choosing a hose made from 3750D polyester, the highest quality polyester available.

Regardless of the quality of material, storing your expandable garden hose in the shade or in a garden hose container is advisable. 

Storing Your Expandable Garden Hose Indoors

The optimal way to extend the life of your expandable garden hose is indoors.   This will keep it out of direct sunlight and offer cool and dry housing for your expandable garden hose.

The simplest way to store your expandable garden hose indoors is to mount a rack in your garage or storage shed and hang it up after you’ve drained it of water. 

You can also install a quick connect fitting to your hose making it much easier to disconnect your expandable hose from the water source.

Often times your expandable garden hose will come with a rack, if not you can buy a high quality rack separately or even take the DIY approach and build your own

Storing Your Expandable Garden Hose Outdoors

I get it.  You don’t want to have to disconnect your water hose from your water source and bring it inside every time you use it.  

If you’re like me, you want to make watering your garden as easy & efficient as possible.   Unlike standard garden hoses, which can be stored in on a hose reel, expandable water hoses need to be stored using a different method.   If you do want to leave your hose outside, you’ll want to store it in a container with a lid.

Maybe you really don’t care about aesthetics. You could just drill a hole for the hose at the bottom of a plastic bucket and store it in there.   And it you’re more crafty than that, there are many DIY options out there.

Some might be looking for a more stylish approach without the hassle of doing it yourself, there are several options on Amazon you could try, like this:

Final Thoughts on Expandable Garden Hose Storage & Care

Proper care and storage of your expandable garden hose is one factor that will extend its life.  The other is the level of quality of the hose itself.

The two complaints that we see most from expandable hose owners is that they leak almost immediately and that they burst after limited use.

Be sure to select an expandable hose that is made from high quality 3750D polyester and has a least a double lined latex inner tube.

Also make sure that the inner fittings are made from aluminum or steel.  Brass alone could result in leakage as it has been found to have a chemical reaction to latex that causes the rubber to break down. 

Make sure the expandable hose you buy can withstand at least a 10 bar (or 140 psi) water pressure source.  We like this one:

Lastly, here is a quick video that further explains how expandable garden hoses work and how to care for them:

Have you had storage success with an expandable garden hose reel?  If so please leave a comment below.

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