Best Small Greenhouses For a Family of 4

Whether you have a small outdoor space or you’re only looking to grow a small selection of plants, a small/ compact greenhouse can be a great investment. Most people don’t need a huge greenhouse in their backyard. Just a small green house that can feed a family of 4.

With the right design and materials, it can provide all-season growing in an area where you don’t have room for a traditional garden.

The best small greenhouses are designed with the needs of the gardener in mind. They should be easy to assemble, durable, and well insulated. In addition, they should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, strong wind, rain, snow, and hail.

The following is a list of some of the best greenhouses that can feed a family of 4 on the market today.

Best Small Greenhouse

Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Nova Microdermabrasion offers a sturdy and durable mini walk-in greenhouse that is great for providing a generous space for growing crops in a small outdoor space.

Made from a solid structure of a high-quality metal frame covered in powder coating, this greenhouse is strong enough to hold several pots and plants.

It features a light yet durable waterproof PE cover which is effective for protecting plants from pests and the elements without blocking valuable sunlight.

This mini greenhouse, great for a small family, can be used both outdoors and indoors as it is designed for year-round usage, hence why it features additional features of protection such as its waterproof and UV protection along with its super easy assembly.


  • Strong and durable frame
  • Easy to construct and can be brought indoors 
  • Aggressively spreads – will easily cover bare patches in your lawn


  • Requires assembly

Mini Lop Mini Pop Up Greenhouse

Mini Lop’s mini pop-up greenhouse features an innovative and thoughtful design. With a greenhouse like this, families can buy several small greenhouses to feed their family of 4.

This greenhouse enables you to grow delicate plants and herbs both indoors and outdoors as it offers a protective and highly insulated covering that promotes and ensures the maintenance of high humidity levels.

Hence, this is a great small greenhouse for growing tropical plants that require warmer conditions.

Made from clear PVC, this greenhouse offers waterproof protection whilst allowing full absorption from the sun for optimal growth. This mini greenhouse comes with a four steel ground tack for maximum stability to ensure that it stays in place when it is outdoors.


  • Made with a sturdy frame and a weatherproof covering
  • Promotes a humid environment for tropical plants
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors 


  • Not suitable for plants that require cooler environments

Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Walk-in Greenhouse 3-Tier

Nova Microdermabrasion’s 3-Tier walk-in greenhouse is a larger greenhouse of the mini greenhouse varieties. This mini greenhouse is ideal for avid gardeners looking for a generous space to grow plants that don’t take up the majority of a small outdoor space. It’s a perfect greenhouse for a family of 4.

This greenhouse features 3 tiers and 6 shelves, which offer ample storage for growing plenty of plants of different sizes. The greenhouse features a high-quality and sturdy metal frame coated in powder for optimal durability.

It is designed to be a heavy-duty frame that holds a strong net. Though lightweight, the net of this greenhouse is made with durability in mind. It offers great ventilation and easy roll-up access.

This greenhouse also comes with a high-quality PE cloth and a non-woven fabric cover for versatility, as this feature enables you to switch up the cover to accommodate your plants’ different needs.


  • High quality and sturdy structure 
  • Thoughtful design for optimal versatility 
  • Ideal for outdoor use for avid gardeners with minimal space 


  • Requires assembly 

Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse

Ohuhu’s mini greenhouse is great for accommodating a large selection of plants without taking up loads of outdoor space. This mini greenhouse is lightweight and portable, making it easy to implement.

This greenhouse is ideal for use during the summer months and beyond, as it maintains and helps plants extend their growing seasons.

Though compact, this greenhouse offers a large space as it is 27″ x 20″ x 62″ making it ideal for growing a selection of plants with different heights.

With a sturdy steel tube frame, this greenhouse offers durability and can easily accommodate 23.4lbs of weight capacity, a perfect sized greenhouse for a family of 4. This provides plenty of capacity to grow a selection of everything from bonsai trees to flowers.

With a lightweight cover, the vertical mini greenhouse offers easy access as it features a roll-up screen along with providing optimal ventilation due to its thin material that enables increased air circulation.


  • Ideal for growing a variety of plants 
  • Vertical structure enables making the most of outdoor space 
  • Provides optimal storage space 


  • Not suitable for year-round use 

Palm Springs 2-Tier Mini Greenhouse

Palm Springs’s 2-tier mini greenhouse is an ideal choice for growing a small selection of herbs or plants. This tiny greenhouse is well suited to small outdoor spaces as it doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet still providing enough space to grow enough vegetables to feed a small family.

Though small and compact, this mini greenhouse offers ample storage as it features 2-tiers of steel wire shelving. Not only offering space, but this feature also provides durability as the frame is durable and secure.

Along with a strong frame, the greenhouse features a lightweight, clear PVC cover which provides effective protection from the elements whilst also letting in plenty of sunlight and providing insulation.

This greenhouse also features a handy zippered door to enable easy access.

Due to its lightweight and small structure, this mini greenhouse is easily portable.


  • Provides ample storage space 
  • Easily portable 
  • Zip up cover for easy accessibility 


  • Requires assembly 

Quictent Store Mini Walk-in Greenhouse 3-Tier

Quictent’s mini walk-in greenhouse is made from a solid and heavy-duty structure that makes it ideal for storing plants of different sizes, accommodating up to 22 lbs of weight.

This mini greenhouse’s structure is made from thick powder-coated steel. Not only made with durability in mind, but it also features 6 sturdy shelves which provide a great storage solution. Certainly, the perfect sized greenhouse to put in the backyard of your home to help feed your family.

This greenhouse comes with a lightweight yet durable transparent PVC cover which provides effective weather resistance from the rain and extreme heat as it is 100% waterproof as well as UV protected to enable plants and seedlings to thrive in maintained conditions.

The greenhouse offers easy accessibility as it features a zip-up door and its vertical structure enables it to be easily placed in small outdoor spaces.


  • Heavy-duty steel framing for optimal storage
  • Lightweight weather-resistant covering
  • Easy accessibility


  • Requires assembly

Eagle Peak Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse

The Eagle Peak mini garden greenhouse is a portable greenhouse that can be used to grow plants both outdoors and indoors. This greenhouse is easy to assemble and an ideal greenhouse for moving around with the seasons.

The assembly of this mini greenhouse requires no use of additional tools, and the main parts of the greenhouse’s structure are easily detached by pulling apart.

This greenhouse offers a single open space to enable you to store plants in the way you wish. The frame of the greenhouse comes with a high-quality green transparent cover that offers optimal protection from pests.

Additionally, the greenhouses’ cover is also water-resistant and made from UV-protected PE, which is non-toxic and ideal for providing insulation.


  • Zippered roll-up door
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • No shelving

Gardman Rainbow Garden

Gardman’s rainbow garden greenhouse is a simple yet effective mini greenhouse. Made from an alloy steel structure, this greenhouse was designed with durability in mind as it provides a sturdy structure for you to place your plants.

This greenhouse is ideal for small backyards or areas where space is an issue. It is best placed on a flat surface such as a patio or deck.

Along with its sturdy frame, this greenhouse also features a lightweight, clear polyethylene cover which provides effective insulation and protection from pests and rain. This cover also rolls up for easy access and additional ventilation.


  • A vertical structure which is ideal for small backyards
  • 4 Shelves for optimal storage
  • Zip cover for easy access


  • Not suitable for year-round use

Ohuhu Greenhouse 3-Tier

This 3-Tier greenhouse is on the larger scale of mini greenhouses. Ohuhu delivers an elegant clear greenhouse that features a classic greenhouse design. This greenhouse features a rock-solid structure for optimal stability, as it can accommodate weights of up to 18 lb.

It also features a clear, thickened PVC for maximum insulation and protection. Though transparent and lightweight, the greenhouses’ PVC cover enables plants to absorb a great amount of sunlight.

This greenhouse features a zip cover which enables easy access and great ventilation as it enables air circulation. This type of greenhouse is ideal for avid gardeners with relatively small gardens.


  • Elegant and thoughtful design
  • High quality and sturdy frame that can accommodate 8 kg
  • Thick PVC roll-up cover for optimal ventilation and easy access


  • Not easily portable

Outsunny Greenhouse

Outsunny’s wooden grow house is a unique and elegant greenhouse structure that features a thick gray or stained wooden frame with 3 adjustable shelves for optimal storage and thick UV treated polycarbonate glazing.

This greenhouse’s structure and material offers maximum protection from the elements with its sturdy frame whilst providing great insulation.

The greenhouse features quirky features with its hinged design and tilted roof, making it a great aesthetic piece for a garden space.


  • Sturdy structure
  • Thick UV treated glazing for insulation and protection
  • Adjustable shelving


  • Not to be left out in harsh weather


There are many types and styles of small greenhouses. Each offers unique features and benefits.

When it comes to choosing the right greenhouse for your outdoor space, it’s important to take a few factors into consideration. Some of the most important features to consider include:


Pop-up greenhouse

Pop-up greenhouses are a convenient and quick solution to installing a small greenhouse. These models are ideal for those who want to start their own vegetable gardens but don’t have much time to devote to building a greenhouse from scratch.

They come in various sizes and shapes and are usually made from polycarbonate plastic. The pop-ups are very easy to set up and takedown, making them a popular choice among homeowners.

Year-round greenhouse

Year-round greenhouses are ideal for those looking to grow specific plants that require year-round nurturing. This type of small greenhouse is ideal for those who live in areas where winter temperatures drop below freezing.

It also works well for people who want to grow herbs indoors during the colder months. Most year-round greenhouses are built using fiberglass and other lightweight materials.

Vertical-wall greenhouse

Mini vertical-wall greenhouses are ideal for growing vegetables and flowers in smaller spaces. They are typically constructed out of wood and aluminum.

Because they are not as tall as conventional greenhouses, they are easier to install and maintain than larger models. They are also less expensive than large greenhouses.

Horizontal greenhouse

Mini horizontal greenhouses are great for growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons, and other fruits and veggies. They are often used by commercial growers because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Horizontal greenhouses are available in a wide range of sizes and designs.

Tabletop greenhouse

Tabletop greenhouses are best used for small indoor crops such as herbs, cut flowers, and salad greens. Tabletops greenhouses are easy to move around and are perfect for growing plants close to the kitchen sink.

Mini walk-in greenhouse

Mini walk-in greenhouses are ideal for planting seeds directly into the soil. They are also good for starting seedlings and transplanting seedlings. Mini walk-ins are usually about two feet high.


Another thing to think about when buying a greenhouse is size. If you plan to grow many kinds of plants, then you’ll need a larger greenhouse than someone who wants to grow just one or two species.

The size of your greenhouse will depend largely on how much space you have available. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a freestanding structure or something that sits on top of your patio or deck.

If you decide that you’d like a larger greenhouse than those mentioned above, take a look at our reviews of larger greenhouses.


Greenhouses are designed to protect the plants they house, hence it is important that they consist of features that enable protection from the elements. To ensure that it stays dry, it’s recommended that you find a greenhouse that is weather resistant.

One of the core features to look for is a material that is water-resistant. It’s also important to protect the greenhouse from the sun. Many greenhouse covers such as the ones presented offer UV protection, making them an ideal choice.

However, if you decide to go with a greenhouse without sun protection, you can buy a solar screen separately to help prevent too much sunlight from entering the greenhouse.

If you’re planning on using your greenhouse primarily during the winter months, then you’ll need something that provides adequate insulation. The best way to do this is by adding polyethylene sheeting to the roof.

Polyethylene is lightweight and flexible, so it doesn’t add much weight to the structure. It’s also waterproof, so it won’t rot over time. However, it does require special care when installing. You must make sure that the seams are sealed properly, as water can seep through them.


A greenhouse that uses a metal framework tends to be more stable than one that uses a wooden frame. Metal is stronger and less likely to break under heavy loads. Wood is easier to maintain, but it requires regular repainting.


The ease of assembling a greenhouse depends on what type of frame you choose. With a metal frame, you simply bolt together the pieces. With a wooden frame, you need to construct the frame first, then attach the panels to the frame.

Similarly, with a metal frame, many mini greenhouses require the assembly of the frame and then the installation of the given cover. However, a greenhouse that is pre-assembled offers a convenient and easy solution for anyone without the time to set up a greenhouse.


Wooden and metal greenhouse structures offer high-quality stability as they are securely assembled. Having a durable and sturdy structure ensures that the greenhouse stays in place despite harsh weather.

When selecting a greenhouse, it’s also important to keep in mind that not every type of greenhouse will work for every situation. For example, if you live in a very warm climate, then a glass greenhouse may not be suitable for you.

Likewise, if you live in an extremely cold region, then a plastic greenhouse might not be ideal. It’s essential to know what kind of environment you want to create before making any decisions about which greenhouse to buy.

Tiers and Shelves

When it comes to choosing a mini greenhouse, it’s important to consider how tall you’d like the greenhouse to be. Many people who have small gardens find that a greenhouse that has multiple tiers offers versatility.

On the other hand, some people prefer to grow plants at ground level.

Another factor to consider is whether you’d like to include shelves within your greenhouse. Shelving allows you to store extra pots or tools inside the greenhouse.


What are the benefits of having a small greenhouse?

Having a greenhouse gives you the opportunity to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits all year long.

It’s possible to grow crops even in the harshest temperatures, and some are even suited to be brought indoors for protection. In addition, a greenhouse can provide protection from pests.

Helpful Video on How to Use Small Greenhouses Effectively

Final Considerations

When it comes to looking for a small greenhouse, it’s important that you consider the size of your garden as well as the amount of space available. You’ll also want to think about the materials used to make the greenhouse.

A greenhouse made out of metal offers optimal durability, and those with a PVC cover enable effective protection from the elements and pests whilst enabling insulation.

From small greenhouses that can be brought indoors to greenhouses that can stand all year-round, the options are endless. Before choosing the right greenhouse for you, check back through the valuable list of features to consider.

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