Giraffe Tools Industrial Hose Reel Cart Review

Quick Overview



  • Highly mobile
  • Quite sturdy
  • Connectors don’t leak
  • High-quality solid tires
  • Easily spools hose


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Vague instructions

If you’re in the market for a place to store up to 250 feet of hose with ease, the Giraffe Tools Hose Reel Cart is a phenomenal option.

Not only will you have more than enough storage for the average garden hose, but you’ll also have access to a convenient basket for extra accessories and gardening equipment.

With a high-quality build and specialized coatings to prevent corrosion and rust, there’s plenty to like about this convenient storage solution.


Giraffe Tools Industrial Garden Hose Reel Review
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Giraffe Tools Industrial Garden Hose Reel Cart

Having a portable unit that makes hose storage simple is more than a luxury; it’s a convenience that most homeowners are looking for.

It can be quite the hassle to try to maintain a clean backyard, shed, or garage when you have hundreds of feet of hose thrown into a corner.

Instead of sacrificing a big chunk of your property, why not consider keeping your garden hose in a safe and compact space?

With a design that is far more convenient than most other hose storage solutions, this unit is 35.5” L, 20” W, and 39” H.

You can bet that it will take up far less floor space than if you were to leave the hose lying around on the floor, and it also helps to preserve the integrity of your garden equipment over the years.

The convenience of the unit is also remarkable, as you won’t have to worry about carrying your hose around ever again.

Who Is This Hose Reel Cart Meant For?

Every homeowner can benefit from this hose reel cart, especially if you primarily keep your garden equipment stored in your garage or shed.

It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing unit on the market, but its durability and longevity outperform the lesser quality plastic models that are great for display.

You’ll also find that this unit is a phenomenal addition to workshops and job sites where industrial hoses need to be stored for safety reasons.

If you’re tired of having to carry or tug on hundreds of feet of hose to reach the farthest corners of your property, this is another solution for you to consider.

There are wheels built into the bottom of the cart that allow you to pull or push the hose wherever it is needed conveniently.

Also, by using the crank handle, you can quickly spool and unspool the hose without putting too much effort into the task.


What’s Included?

You won’t need any extra accessories apart from the ones included in the Giraffe Tools Industrial Hose Reel Cart.

There is an inlet hose included as well as a storage basket and all of the hardware you’ll need to put the entire unit together.

Even the couplers and fittings are built from high-quality materials to help prevent rusting over multiple seasons of use.

Overview of Features

This product boasts a lot of features, including:

  • Easy Maneuverability

With the combination of the four 10-inch flat-free tires and solid axles, rolling your lengthy hose over hard and soft terrain has never been easier.

You’ll even be able to push or pull the cart over loose gravel with far less effort, making this unit highly portable.

  • Non-Slip Crank Handle

Garden hoses can be heavy and many hose reels don’t take that into account.   With many hose reels, It can be hard to crank the mechanism that winds the garden hose up after use. 

Thanks to the padded non-slip crank handle, you can easily wind your garden hose when you’re finished with your watering needs.  It’s an easy task for all gardeners of all ages. 

  • Lasting Finishes

Fortunately, the entire frame of the Giraffe Tools Industrial Reel Cart has an exceptionally corrosion-resistant powder coating.

One of the most significant complaints about other hose reel carts is their propensity to rust, and with this unit, you won’t have to worry about the paint chipping and exposing the raw metal.

  • Anti-Rust Fittings

The high-quality couplers and fittings are made from heavy-duty brass, which also helps to avoid rusting and corrosion over many years of use.

This feature helps to make connecting and disconnecting the hose simpler.

  • Built-In Storage

With the help of the built-in basket, you can keep gardening equipment and extra hose nozzles all in the same area for extra storage.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Using the Giraffe Tools Industrial Hose Reel Cart to the best of your ability is quite simple once you have assembled the unit.

You can easily spool your hose using the flexible handle, and you’ll have plenty of space for more than enough garden hose.

It’s a great idea to keep all of your hose nozzles in the storage basket to help save more space in your garage, and you’ll especially love how mobile the unit is.


A great alternative to the Giraffe Tools Industrial Hose Reel Cart is the Liberty Garden 708 Garden Hose Reel, especially if you don’t need 400 feet of hose storage.

This model is far more compact and will look beautiful when displayed on your property, especially if you only need to hold up to 125 feet of hose for your property.

Liberty Garder Hose Reel Image
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The bronze finish of the garden hose reel is stunning and will contribute to the stylish choices on your property.

As an added benefit, the Liberty Garden 708 Garden Hose Reel arrives assembled, so you won’t have to go through the headache of putting a reel together.

A Helpful Video on Giraffe Tools Industrial Hose Reel Cart


With plenty of storage to put to good use, keeping up to 400 feet of hose in one location is simple with the Giraffe Tools Industrial Hose Reel Cart.

Ideal for garages and sheds, this highly versatile hose reel cart is what you’ve been looking for to help keep your outdoor equipment highly organized.


Giraffe Tools Industrial Garden Hose Reel Review
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